Brief History

In 2005 Prince George Niyi underwent an extensive 3 months training in the art of bee farming, bee keeping and processing.

With this knowledge, backed by an extensive career in the Nigeria Export and Promotion Council (NEPC) he decided to start an apiary with the intention of harvesting honey for marketing purposes. This operation initially started as a small scale factory with just enough for self-use and purchase from friends and family.

The factory was moved to a bigger site at Oba-ile Akure on obtaining NAFDAC approval. This was the beginning of mass production and sale to the general public.

Honey Calendar

Honey is seasonal and honey processing is usually peak from January to May (this is termed the Honey flow). From June to September (the dearth season and build up period) and October to December is the nectar flow season.

Our Commitment

Bro.George honey is not diluted, ultra-filtered or boiled, this is so as to ensure its purity and quality. The honey remains in its purest form all through the processing which ensures the natural by-products are not lost.


The techniques obtained at Bro George apiary involve the modern beekeeping techniques. This involves the use of well-constructed hives termed the “Langstroth”. This technique makes use of frames and top bars which are removable to enhance multiplication of the bees within the colony. This also aids in easing the process of harvesting honey. This technique ensures the purity of the honey and also increases the yield of honey at peak periods, ensuring a suitable environment for the bees and honeycomb to thrive.

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